Source code for libbmc.isbn

This file contains all the ISBN-related functions.
import isbnlib

from libbmc import doi

from libbmc import __valid_identifiers__

# Append ISBN to the valid identifiers list
__valid_identifiers__ += ["isbn"]

[docs]def is_valid(isbn_id): """ Check that a given string is a valid ISBN. :param isbn_id: the isbn to be checked. :returns: boolean indicating whether the isbn is valid or not. >>> is_valid("978-3-16-148410-0") True >>> is_valid("9783161484100") True >>> is_valid("9783161484100aa") False >>> is_valid("abcd") False >>> is_valid("0136091814") True >>> is_valid("0136091812") False >>> is_valid("9780136091817") False >>> is_valid("123456789X") True """ return ( (not isbnlib.notisbn(isbn_id)) and ( isbnlib.get_canonical_isbn(isbn_id) == isbn_id or isbnlib.mask(isbnlib.get_canonical_isbn(isbn_id)) == isbn_id) )
[docs]def extract_from_text(text): """ Extract ISBNs from a text. :param text: Some text. :returns: A list of canonical ISBNs found in the text. >>> extract_from_text("978-3-16-148410-0 9783161484100 9783161484100aa abcd 0136091814 0136091812 9780136091817 123456789X") ['9783161484100', '9783161484100', '9783161484100', '0136091814', '123456789X'] """ isbns = [isbnlib.get_canonical_isbn(isbn) for isbn in isbnlib.get_isbnlike(text)] return [i for i in isbns if i is not None]
[docs]def get_bibtex(isbn_identifier): """ Get a BibTeX string for the given ISBN. :param isbn_identifier: ISBN to fetch BibTeX entry for. :returns: A BibTeX string or ``None`` if could not fetch it. >>> get_bibtex('9783161484100') '@book{9783161484100,\\n title = {Berkeley, Oakland: Albany, Emeryville, Alameda, Kensington},\\n author = {Peekaboo Maps},\\n isbn = {9783161484100},\\n year = {2009},\\n publisher = {Peek A Boo Maps}\\n}' """ # Try to find the BibTeX using associated DOIs bibtex = doi.get_bibtex(to_doi(isbn_identifier)) if bibtex is None: # In some cases, there are no DOIs for a given ISBN. In this case, try # to fetch bibtex directly from the ISBN, using a combination of # Google Books and results. bibtex = isbnlib.registry.bibformatters['bibtex']( isbnlib.meta(isbn_identifier, 'default')) return bibtex
[docs]def to_doi(isbn_identifier): """ Make a DOI out of the given ISBN. .. note:: See The returned DOI may not be issued yet. :param isbn_identifier: A valid ISBN string. :returns: A DOI as string. >>> to_doi('9783161484100') '10.978.316/1484100' """ return isbnlib.doi(isbn_identifier)
[docs]def from_doi(doi_identifier): """ Make an ISBN out of the given DOI. .. note:: Taken from .. note:: See The returned ISBN may not be issued yet (it is a valid one, but not necessary corresponding to a valid book). :param doi_identifier: A valid canonical DOI. :returns: An ISBN string. >>> from_doi('10.978.316/1484100') '9783161484100' """ return "".join(c for c in doi_identifier[2:] if c in "0123456789xX")